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Startup Redlands 31st January 2018

31st Jan 2018
04:30 PM - 05:30 PM
The Bench, Shop 8, 18-24 Middle Street Cleveland Queensland Australia 4163



Taj Pabari

Founder & Director, FiftySix
"From suspended schoolboy to educational pioneer. Taj Pabari is living proof that anyone with... More

William Pagnon

Founder & Director, Freelance Robotics
William Pagnon established Freelance Robotics in 2009. William has two Masters... More

Paul Collins

Founder & Director, MatchMe 3D
With a strong desire to change the world of online dating, the idea of MatchMe 3D was formed in... More


Rodney Winkleman

Co-Owner, Elysium and Previously Hogs Breath
Mmmmmm, nothing does it justice. Truly inspirational just look at... More

Giovanna Shakhovskoy

Founder, Directors of the Extraordinary
Giovanna is one quarter of a dynamic sibling team who own and operate an interaction design... More

Matt Christopher

Director, Applied Mind Academy Hypnotherapy and Coaching
'Going beyond your limits' is Matthew's mantra. With over 20 years as an entrepreneur and a... More

Charmian Campbell

Managing Director, The Driven Business Edge
With more international coaching awards than you can poke a stick at and currently ranked in the... More

Donny Fraser

Managing Director, Australian Skateboarding Initiative
With over 80 staff and 40,000 people running through ASCI workshops each year, Donny is a... More

Balin Aslett Beinssen

Managing Director, Movement Tech / DC-TRI
Movement Tech is the official partner of DC-TRI™ in Australia. The company was formed to... More

Stephen Baxter

Shark / Investor / Entrepreneur / Celebrity, Various
Tech start-up investor Steve Baxter is a proud Queenslander, born in the remote town of... More

Ben Bradshaw

CEO / Author / Entrepreneur / Digital Marketing Authority, SponsoredLinX
Ben Bradshaw is one of Australia’s most established and renowned digital marketing... More

Nick Robinson

Founder, Meet PAT
Meet PAT was founded by award winning industrial designers Nick Robinson (short Nick) and... More

Rebecca Young

Founder, Personalised Freight Solutions
Personalised Freight Solutions is an international freight forwarding company, facilitating the... More

Paul Bishop

MC, Startup Redlands
Born in 1966, Paul Bishop was raised and educated in Wynnum until age 15.  His many... More